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Reusable sanitary towels? Eco-friendly menstrual pads?  Cloth sanitary pads?  Green feminine hygiene? Perhaps you haven't considered this before, or didn't know such things existed, yet the most common thing we hear from new customers is "I wish I'd changed years ago". Reusable sanitary towels are usually made with a cotton or organic cotton top layer next to the skin, gentle on our delicate parts - they come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies, just like disposable sanitary towels - and they also come in a great range of colours! So if you don't want to look at what you're producing, just pick a dark colour and forget about it! Menstrual cups (like Mooncup and Femmecup) are easy to use and get used to, and give you great value for money. Menstrual sponges are also easy to use, and you can even compost them when they reach the end of their useful life. You can't do that with a tampon!

Earthwise Girls was founded in 2008 to help you find good quality natural products for your body, that won't harm our world. We will help you to find the natural menstrual products you're comfortable with using during your period, and because we stock such a broad range of reusable sanitary towels, menstrual cups and sponges, we have everything you could need. If there is something you'd like that you can't see - do ask, we can probably get it for you! We also have a lovely range of natural deodorants, effective against body odour, yet gentle on you. Our bodycare range is slowly expanding to include other hair and body products - we don't stock products containing parabens, pthalates or SLS, and we support UK manufacturers wherever possible, reducing the road and air miles taken in getting your products to you.

We pride ourselves on testing everything we sell, which puts us in the unique position of being able to offer you a discreet, confidential advice service by phone or e-mail. There is also lots of information here on the website, and check out our links pages for more interesting reading.

How it all began...

We've been selling eco-friendly sanitary and menstrual products for many years on our popular nappy website, Plush Pants Cloth Nappies, and noticed that many customers were coming to us purely for the reusable sanitary products, so it made sense to open a brand new website for all the lovely eco-friendly menstrual products, and Earthwise Girls was born! We've allowed the website to grow organically, taking on board customer suggestions and feedback, rather than trying to sell absolutely everything available regardless of quality or where it's being made. By taking our time to source the best products, mainly from the UK, we hope we've taken some of the legwork out of going green!

So, let's get Earthwise!

It's been estimated that on average, we will use around 12,000 - 15,000 disposable sanitary towels or menstrual products in our lifetime. Quite apart from the sheer volume of waste this causes, just think about the amount you're spending on sanitary towels or tampons every month! And have you seen the cost of deodorants lately, not to mention the volume of waste they create.

Here's the good bit, you can do something about it! You can care for your body, our world, AND save money, and it's really easy to do. Simply change from your disposable sanitary products to using a reusable menstrual cup, menstrual sponges, or reusable sanitary pads, and you'll be saving money every month, and doing your bit for the planet into the bargain. Exactly how much you save depends a bit on what you buy, for more info see our article - saving money on your monthlies! Changing your deodorant could reduce your landfill waste, eliminate potential health risks, allow your body to breathe AND save you money. Switching to washable cleansing pads for make-up removal will reduce loads of waste and over time, save money too.

Visit the WEN website (see our links page) and print out their toxic tour sheet to find out what chemicals are in the products you're using every day - if you're not happy with the results, we have lots of more gentle, yet effective eco friendly bodycare and hair care products here for you.

You only get one body, and we only have one world. We need to treat them gently.

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Legal Bits

Earthwise Girls Limited is a UK Limited Company, our company registration number is 11259897.

Our trading address is 4 Thames Park, Lester Way, Wallingford, OX10 9TA and this is the address to which any correspondence, returns etc should be sent. 

Our registered office address is 9 Thorney Leys Park, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4GE.  

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