Environmental Policy Earthwise Girls

Environmental Policy

At Earthwise Girls we don't just sell you lovely eco-friendly products - we're committed to making sure that our own ecological footprint is as small as possible.  Some of the things we're already doing are:

  • using low energy light bulbs (and turning them off when not required)
  • carefully researching all products before agreeing to stock them, to ensure they are being made ethically and in an environmentally sound way
  • using recycled paper, and only printing when really necessary
  • re-using packaging we receive if we can, and recycling it if we can't
  • recycling printer cartridges through a local charity scheme
  • using plastic free packaging
  • opting for paper-free billing from our suppliers
  • sourcing products from the UK as far as possible
  • where products are sourced from outside the UK, keeping air miles down by placing a few large orders a year rather than lots of little ones
  • working with local councils, schools and health professionals to promote awareness of more environmentally sustainable options
  • providing a free advice service to assist our customers to choose wisely, and use their chosen products properly and effectively - we product test everything we sell on ourselves to enable us to give helpful, genuine advice

We know there is always room for improvement, and we are always looking for things we can do to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.  Some of the things we're working on are:

  • sourcing biodegradable and/or recycled packaging - ACHIEVED!

This environmental policy was first written in May 2009 and will be reviewed annually.  Last reviewed and updated February 2019.

Christine McRitchie - Earthwise Girls

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