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The Fleurcup menstrual cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone, and is free from pthalates, bisphenol A, latex and perfume.  It is hypoallergenic.  The cup no printed writing either on the inside or outside, which makes it easy to clean.  There are non slip ridges on the base of the cup and the stem to help you get a good grip, and 4 small air holes around the top to help you release the seal for easy removal.  The stem may need to be trimmed to suit your needs.

Fleurcup is made in two sizes:

Small - intended for younger women and adolescents, and those with lighter flow.  Measurements for this size are:  diameter 41mm, height (excluding stem) 47mm, total volume 25ml, capacity (from base to air holes) 20ml.  The stem length is 23mm.

Large - intended to women who have given birth or have heavy flow periods.  Measurements for this size are: diameter 46mm, height (excluding stem) 52mm, total volume 35ml, capacity (from base to air holes) 29ml.  The stem length is 18mm.

Fleurcup is not tested on animals. 

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