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Imse Vimse Trial Kit - Black

  • Price : £19.95

Great trial kit from Imse Vimse, enabling you to try out 3 different sizes of Imse Vimse reusable sanitary pads and a reusable tampon, to find out what works best for you!

Imse Vimse use beautiful organic cotton flannel to make their pads and tampons.  The cloth pads feature two poppers on the wings, enabling them to be easily fixed around your underwear.  The pads are made with 100% organic cotton flannel, with a thin layer of PUL inside for leak protection.

Kit includes:

  • 1 night pad (33cm x 8.5cm)
  • 1 day pad (25cm x 8.5cm)
  • 1 panty liner (19cm x 7cm)
  • 1 regular cloth tampon

It is recommended to rinse in cold water after use to guard against staining.  Wash at 40-60 and ideally air dry, but you can tumble dry on low heat if needed. 

In this kit you receive all 3 pads in black, and the tampon in the garden print. 

Which way up?  Look at the pads and you will see a visible layer of stitching on one side, which isn't on the other side.  The side with the visible stitching goes next to your body. 

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