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Ladycup Menstrual Cup - Large

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Coloured silicone menstrual cups from Ladycup - this menstrual cup is available in a range of colours, and is made from very flexible medical grade silicone.  The Ladycup menstrual cup is supplied with a pretty fabric storage pouch and full instructions on use and care.  It represents great value for money as with correct care, it will last for up to 15 years. 

Unlike other menstrual cups, the Ladycup has been made with a totally smooth surface, both inside and out, making it very easy to clean and care for.  The tiny holes around the top of the cup are cleverly slanted, so they are really easy to keep clear by simply holding the cup upside down under running water - a simple yet thoughtful design feature.  The instructions and outer box are made from recycled paper, and the storage bag is 100% cotton making it easy to clean.

Ladycup is made in two sizes:

  • Small is for women under 25 who have not given birth vaginally;
  • Large is for women over 25 or any woman who has given birth vaginally.

The dimensions of the cups are as follows:

  • Small - diameter 40mm, length 46mm, stem length 19mm, max volume 21.2ml
  • Large - diameter 46mm, length 53mm, stem length 13mm, max volume 34.3ml

The stem can be shortened if required using a knife or sharp scissors - we recommend you only remove a little at a time, then re-insert and see if it feels comfortable.  Always remove the Ladycup before attempting to shorten the stem, and please be careful not to damage the cup itself in the process.  A detailed instruction manual is provided with each Ladycup menstrual cup, you can also download English instructions here:

Ladycup have told us it is not tested on animals.

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