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Menstrual Cups, Tampons, Sponges

Menstrual cups are used internally, in place of a tampon. The menstrual cup will catch your flow, and can be easily emptied into the toilet, rinsed and re-inserted. You can swim and play sports while using a menstrual cup. Menstrual Sponges are also known as Sea Sponges or Sea Sponge Tampons. They grow in the Ocean, and have highly absorbent properties. Women have been puttingSea Spongesto use internally as tampons for centuries. Some women like to have the reassurance of a pad or panty liner too at first, and we have a lovely range of reusable sanitary towels and panty liners available.

What we don't stock is just as important as what we do. We won't stock just any old menstrual cup! We are confident that all the menstrual cups we stock are free from links to animal testing, and have indicated if they have received certification from the Vegan Society.

Read our Guide to Choosing a Menstrual Cup, and brilliant Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart!
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