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Mooncup Menstrual Cup

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The Mooncup is a UK made silicone menstrual cup, used internally instead of a tampon.  Itís a great idea, the Mooncup simply sits inside you, collecting your menstrual flow, and you empty it every few hours.  No waste, and as it lasts for ten years itís a fantastic bargain.  Mooncups can take a little bit of getting used to, so donít expect to be an expert on your first go.  One of the first things youíll notice is that it has a long stem underneath, which you will almost certainly need to trim.  You should aim to have the stem short enough so that itís comfortable and not sticking outside of your body, but long enough that you can still remove the Mooncup easily. 

The Mooncup is made in two sizes, size A is recommended for women over the age of 30, and for any woman who has given birth naturally.  If you are under 30 and havenít given birth, you will need a size B.  If youíre unsure, please ask, as we cannot accept returns if you have the wrong size!  The diameter of the cups is 46mm for the larger size A, and 43mm for the smaller size B. 

Mooncup have a UK telephone advice line where you can speak to a nurse advisor if you require help or guidance with using your Mooncup.  The helpline is available to all Mooncup users, regardless of where you purchased your Mooncup.

Unfortunately for legal reasons, we cannot ship the Mooncup to the USA.

In the press: Saffia Farr reviewed the Mooncup for Juno Magazine (issue 25, Autumn 2011) and had this to say: "I find the Mooncup easy to insert and remove and it's very satisfying to tip your blood away, rinse the Mooncup and know there is no waste.  I also like that there's no need to carry other products with you when out".

Approved by the Vegan Society.

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