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Recycling Cloth Pads

When your cloth pads have reached the end of their useful life, try to recycle as much as possible.  It's important to "deconstruct" the pad so that as much as possible can be recycled.

Remove the popper (you may need to prise it off or use a hammer to pop it off) and recycle with metals or plastics as appropriate.  Then separate the fabric layers, as mixed fabrics are generally landfilled, but if you can separate it out into the different layers, they can go to textile recycling.  Organic cotton can be composted. 

The PUL layer (if there is one) is often fused to another fabric.  If it cannot be separated, that part will need to go into the general waste as it's mixed materials.

We estimate that each cloth menstrual pad will be used 60-75 times before it needs to be replaced (one use per month for 5-6 years), so the amount of non recyclable waste generated by reusable pads is considerably less than that generated by choosing single use disposable pads over the same time.

If you use 10 pads each month, then over 5 years (assuming 60 periods), you will have kept 600 disposable sanitary pads or tampons from landfill, we think that's pretty awesome.  If you want to check how much landfill you're saving, just see how many pads you use per month (remember liners too), multiply that number by 60, and that's how many disposable products you would have used over 5 years.   

Congratulations on choosing reusable pads, and reducing your waste! 

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