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Reusable Sanitary Towels, Sanitary Pads or Menstrual Pads are available in a variety of colours, shapes and designs - designed to make life more comfortable, and your period more fun. We have tested all the reusable sanitary towels listedhere, so do ask if you need some advice. Women usually need around 6-8 sanitary towels as a minimum, washing every day, some women prefer to have extra so that all their reusable sanitary towels can be washed together at the end of their period. We also stock storage purses and bags for your reusable sanitary towels to go in while out and about. Our washable sanitary pad size guide will help you choose.

In Autumn 2011 - we supplied Juno Magazine with some menstrual pads for a product test - their verdict:"All of these pads are more discreet, more effective and certainly more comfortable than any disposable pads I've worn."

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