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SckoonCup Size 2

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SckoonCup is made from the highest quality, medical-grade silicone.  It has been designed to be soft, squishy and flexible, making it easy to fold for insertion, yet springy enough to pop open once inserted.  The slim, soft stem bends as your body moves so it won't poke you.  Supplied with a 100% organic cotton pouch (colour of pouch may vary).

The cup is moulded in a single piece, so there are no seams on the side of the cup to cause irritation, the outer surface is nice and smooth.  SckoonCup has quite a wide base compared to other menstrual cups, giving it a larger capacity.  There are little suction holes around the rim which angle right up into the rim instead of into the inside of the cup, which is partly what gives the cup a higher capacity than other cups. 

SckoonCup is made in the USA.  The material used is FDA approved medical-grade silicone, free from odour, latex, plastic and BPA.  No animal testing or animal products have been used in relation to SckoonCup.  The dyes used for the coloured cups are FDA approved for food and medical use and do not contain any heavy metals or phthalates. The outer packaging is made from recycled materials. 

How to choose your size of SckoonCup:

You are likely to need size 1 - Small - if some or most of these apply to you

  • you have not had a vaginal birth
  • you are also under 30 years old
  • first time menstrual cup user
  • young person or teenager who has not had a vaginal birth
  • virgins
  • people who are fit, do yoga, Pilates, and may have strong pelvic muscles
  • if you have bladder sensitivities and need a smaller cup
  • can be used for those with high or lower cervix
  • medium/heavy to light flow
  • you have a "hanging" cervix

You are likely to need size 2 - Large - if you meet some or most of these guidelines:

  • you have had a vaginal birth
  • you are over the age of about 30 years old (even if you haven't given birth)
  • you are a larger built person, "plus size"
  • those with a very heavy flow may prefer size 2
  • those who need a larger cup but not a longer cup due to a lower sitting cervix

Colour guide:

  • Harmony - Green
  • Hope - Pink
  • Meditation - Blue
  • Wellness - Red
  • Zen - Purple 

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