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Jam Sponge Menstrual Sponges - Small 2 pk

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Natural Sea Sponge that is used internally in place of a tampon - introducing the Jam Sponge - menstrual protection with attitude!  Sea sponge tampons have been used by women for centuries for their menses, are absorbent, reusable and will last for around a year.  The Jam Sponge is sourced from the Mediterranean Ocean.  You will receive a kit containing 2 Jam Sponges, a red storage pouch, full instructions, and a fun “Jam Sponge” badge!  An ideal product for anyone who likes to get a bit evangelical about their eco menstrual choices!  The Jam Sponge has attitude!   After a year or so you will need to replace the sponges, and the old ones can be composted.

I admit that when I first saw the Jam Sponge menstrual sponges I was sceptical, I usually use either a menstrual cup or washable sanitary towels, and wasn't overly keen on the idea of a sea sponge, but in the interests of product testing, I decided to go for it!  Before I switched to washable products, I used to be a tampon user (non-applicator), and found the Jam Sponge very similar.  It's less rigid on insertion, so takes a bit more of a shove to get it in position, but then you don't feel it at all.  It was easily absorbent enough, and when it needed changing, I had the same kind of bubbling sensation that a tampon gave.  As I was new to them, I did use a washable panty liner as backup. 

Personally if using menstrual sponges I think I would tend to use them mostly at home for practical reasons, and would stick to a pad on my lightest days.  I was pleasantly surprised though and would definitely use them again.  And if you have washed out your Jam Sponge (or other menstrual sponge) and accidentally left it on view in the bathroom, this is one product that is not likely to cause embarrassment!  Top Tip - when rinsing before re-insertion, use warm water!

The sponges in this pack are small size, and suitable for light flow, teens and young women.  We also sell medium packs of 2, and a mixed pack of 3 sponges which contains 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large, listed separately.

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