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Pad Use & Care

I'm often asked how cloth menstrual pads should be cared for, what about staining, and importantly - which way up does my pad go!  This page should give you all the answers - but if you can't find what you need, please use the "contact us" page to ask - there are no silly questions...

I've got my new pads - but which way up do they go?

Here's our quick guide to the brands we stock and which way up they go...when we say "up" we mean that side is going next to your skin, or facing up when in place.

  • ClothPads UK - patterned side up
  • Earthwise Pads - white fleece side up
  • Eco Femme - plain side up 
  • Eco Rainbow - bright or patterned side up 
  • Fae Pads - plain side up
  • Homestead Emporium - bright/patterned side up (fleece side to underwear)
  • Honour Your Flow - label side down, patterned side up (if there is a pattern) 
  • Imse Vimse - print side up (for natural pads, look for the stitching around the centre of the pad, that side goes up)
  • Lady Days - patterned side up
  • Lunapads - plain side up 
  • Minivivi Conti Pads - bright or patterned side up
  • Sckoon - plain side up
  • TCS Eco - patterned side up
  • Treehugger - minky/bamboo side up (usually patterned or bright - there's also a care label attached to the back)

As a general rule, if the pad has a label on it (manufacturers label or care label), that side will need to go away from your skin (down), and closer to your underwear.  No label?  No worries!  Most pads have some extra stitching to attach the top layer to the absorbent inner core, but this stitching doesn't usually extend through the waterproof side (otherwise you'd get leaks).  So if your pad has stitching down the middle of the pad on one side, that's the side that goes towards your skin.

How do I deal with stains?

Prevention is always better than cure, so we recommend rinsing your pads out after use, or soaking them in cold water, to help prevent stains from setting.  

If that isn't practical for you, we would recommend when it comes to wash time, rinse the pads under the cold tap and squeeze out the water a few times, then treat any areas that look like they may stain - typically the areas where the blood has had a chance to dry.  We recommend the following natural and eco-friendly stain removal products which are particularly effective on blood stains:

  • Ecover Stain Remover
  • Living Naturally Stain Stick

Both products are available in our Laundry & Cleaning section. 

What about washing and drying?

Many of the pads have a care label or care instructions to guide you.  As a general rule we would recommend a 40 degree wash, as higher temperatures will tend to set any remaining stains.  Use a powdered detergent, and no fabric softener.  

The pads will be best air dried - a sock airer is a particularly useful device for pads!  You can hang it up from your shower rail indoors, or outside on the line.  Sunshine can be helpful in removing any remaining stains.  Some pads can be tumble dried, however in most cases the pads will air dry overnight in a warm room.  Air drying is the most environmentally kind option, and will also help your pads to last for longer. 

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